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Our Story

In March of 2009, in the wake of sudden unemployment after the bank I worked for left Michigan, "Kookies by Keirsten" was born.


Though not a baker by profession, baking ran in my family, a legacy of both my mother and grandmother. The venture began modestly: a homemade Elmo cookie for my preschooler's birthday. What I lacked in experience, I made up for with creativity and a cherished tea cake recipe from my grandmother.


My initial effort caught the attention of a fellow parent who requested themed cookies for her son's upcoming party. Despite my apprehensions, I took on the challenge, setting the foundation for my business. I began showcasing my early creations on Facebook. As my techniques improved, inquiries started pouring in for various events. This affirmed my belief that “there's always an occasion for a cookie.”

Despite the budding business, there was a lot to learn. I pursued a Business Administration concentration at Wayne County Community College to better grasp entrepreneurship. Concurrently, I returned to the workforce for financial stability, which reduced my baking frequency.

Balancing work with motherhood wasn't easy. A particular incident at work, combined with its poignant tagline, "chase what matters," prompted me to prioritize my passion and responsibilities. After tendering a two-week notice, I fully committed to my enterprise.


Today, "Kookies by Keirsten," located in Detroit, stands as a testament to my journey. I've earned the title of a Kookie Konnoisseur and have been featured on Fox 2 News. Over the years, my clientele has grown, including established firms like Credit Acceptance, Michigan International Swim Coaches Association, and several local celebrities, to name a few. With over 5,000 cookies sold last year, I'm leveraging social media's vast potential to elevate my brand. My enduring mission is to consistently impress every customer with each cookie.

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