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This set includes 15 Cookies -- (3) Calendar Cookie w/ Floral Embellishments, (3) Wedding Rings, (3) Wedding Gown w/ Train, (3) Name Plaque, & (3) Whole Lemon w/ Phrase. Please Include the Spelling of the Name and up to 4 colors in the request box below. Each Set Includes an equal number of each of the 5 designs. Gift Box Includes One of Each Design.

Pick Up Date Must Be At Least (21) Days Away From The Day You Place The Order!

Please fill out the quote form for a rush order quote!

Sets: (15) 3 of each - (20) 4 of each - (25) 5 of each **For Custom Orders Not Listed Please Fill Out A Quote**

Bridal Cookie Set (Main Squeeze)

  • Please Visit The "FAQ" page for refund policies and answers to questions you may have.

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